"Aboriginal Woman" - a recording of poetry by Theresa Creed, accompanied by Matthew Barnes on guitar

About Theresa Creed and her poems


Theresa Creed was born on Woorabinda Aboriginal Mission and is an elder of the Pitta Pitta Pitta and Kalkadoon nations of North West Queensland. She is a performance poet and draws on her long history as a dancer, actor and singer.  At the 2018 Queensland poetry festival she launched her audio album “Aboriginal Woman” – a compilation of spoken poems with musical accompaniment that expresses the pain of colonisation, embraces the healing of cultural revival and yearns for a more powerful future for Aboriginal people. 


performance and bookings

Theresa has performed her poetry in schools, librairies, concerts, community events and  poetry festivals around Brisbane.

Theresa's poems and her explanations of them provide an insight into Aboriginal history since colonisation including the native police, Aboriginal protection laws, the mission and reserve system, the stolen generation and stolen wages.

Theresa can perform by herself or accompanied by Matthew Barnes on guitar, who plays guitar on the "Aboriginal Woman" album

If you would like to book a performance please make contact below.